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What Is Whaling

Whaling is a type of cybercrime

Whaling is a cybercrime that targets high-level executives and others with sensitive information or significant financial resources. Phishing, social engineering, and other methods are used to trick victims into giving up sensitive information or money.

Whaling discussion points include:

  • Phishing attacks like whaling are usually more targeted and sophisticated. The attackers usually research and customize their attacks for their targets.
  • Whaling attacks frequently use phishing emails or websites. Logos, graphics, and other elements may make these emails or websites appear legitimate.
  • Whaling attacks can cost targets a lot of money. Attackers may steal large amounts of money or sensitive information for financial gain.

Individuals and organizations can prevent whaling attacks. These include educating employees about phishing attacks, using strong passwords and security protocols, and protecting against cyber threats with antivirus software.

Whaling attack:

A UK energy company CEO was whaled in 2017. The attackers sent him a fake CEO email asking him to transfer a large amount of money to a bank account. The CEO was duped and transferred the money, costing the company a lot.


How do attackers whale?

Whaling attacks usually use multiple methods. These may include sending fake emails or creating fake websites that appear legitimate, manipulating targets with social engineering, and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Q: How can people and organizations avoid whaling?

A: Whaling attacks can be prevented by educating employees about phishing attacks, using strong passwords and security protocols, and using antivirus software and other cyber security measures. Be wary of unusual requests for sensitive information or financial transactions.

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