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Digital Transformation

Transformation is market leadership

By November 16, 2021No Comments

Market leadership no longer means having the best product, lowest price, or even the best people. Instead, becoming a leader in any industry opens up new opportunities in a fast-changing market.

This has always been true, but changes in market leadership used to take decades to occur.

However, it took nearly two decades for their impact — not only to the retail industry but also the entire value chain — to be fully realized. Today, natively digital organizations are having a similar effect in fewer than five years.
Soon, businesses can expect to remain on the index for an average of only ten years as new market leaders continually emerge.

Digitization Leads to Business visualizing the power of digitization.
This requires new ways of doing business essentially different from traditional methods.

Evolving a business model to take advantage of digital trends is challenging because it’s often impossible to understand what can be done without seeing it initially.
Like traditional brick-and-mortar retailers in the early days of the Internet that had no idea how to create an online shopping experience, organizations today must develop innovative business models and processes to leverage modern digital technologies and trends.

Organizations like Amazon and eBay that were born in the Internet era disrupted these traditional brick-and-mortar industries.

Some organizations adapted quickly and remained competitive, while others did not and struggled to stay viable. Today, the Internet is ubiquitous and integrated into everything we do.

Digitization will follow a similar path and ultimately become woven into the fabric of our daily lives. The first step in this journey is to understand what’s possible. In the following sections, you observe a few real-world scenarios of digital business transformation.

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