Turkish Citizenship

by Investment In Turkey

You can become a Turkish Citizen by owning one or multiple property in Turkey that is worth a minimum of $250,000.

Your Spouse and your children under the age of 18 will also be granted the Turkish Citizenship.

You will be able to keep your current citizenship alongside the Turkish Citizenship, because Turkish citizenship accepts dual nationalities.

Your citizenship will remain throughout your life and your children will be born as Turkish Citizens.

Realestate Business

Real Estate Investment
Minimum $250,000

Step 1 - Obtain a Tax Registration Number
Step 2 - Opening a Turkish Bank Account
Step 3 - Finding the Property
Step 4 - Purchase of the Property
Step 5 - Acquire the Certificate of Conformity
Step 6 - Application For Turkish Residency
Step 7 - Application for Turkish Citizenship


Property Consulting

The innovation Real Estate provides legal and real estate consultancy services of the Turkish real estate market.

Property Marketing

The marketing: we do all marketing services, we rent your property and make sure you got the best ROI out of it.

Property Management

The innovation will take care of your property when you are abroad, rent or investment the real estate, pay monthly bills.

Reception and Real Estate Tours

We will accompanies you for the best real estate tours in Turkey, from the airport till acquiring the property.