Eye Gel

Eye Gel (3 in 1)

Regain shiny and youthful look of your eyes by using this effective cream; this hydrated, non-greasy gel is formulated with active minerals for sensitive eye-zone to fight wrinkles, per orbital dark circles and puffiness.

Night Repair Cream

Protective Day Cream

Treat your skin well through triglycerides cream agents such as sweet almond and Jojoba Oil which leaves your skin protected all night, it works intensively through Alpha Bisabolol element and Aloe Vera extract to nourish and improve your skin appearance, an enzymatic system fights coetaneous imperfection and  achieves skin balance and refreshment afterwards.

Night Repair Cream

A formulated Dead Sea minerals and bio originator complex come up with this special texture of light hydration cream which helps in regulating the sebum secretion all day. In addition to a balancing UV protection to avoid skin dryness and damage.

Whitening Cream

Whitening Cream

A vegetable formula for this advanced effective whitening cream contains Licorice extract and Dead Sea Minerals to reduce melanin concentration and to lower melanocytes action after daily regular use.  melanocytes The complexion surface color is unified to get a double action design in this cream and cosmetic whitening properties will be notified instantly

Wrinkle Free Cream

This special face care cream is designed with light, fresh, moisturizing textures and Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) which gently exfoliate the epidermis surface. Shortly this cream will become women’s number one choice to get the perfect skin free from wrinkles.

Facial Scrub

Skin renewal cycle takes 90 days from its midlife to its end, during this period skin gains an undesirable dull look, this facial scrub will treat skin to ensure swift removal of the dead cells, instantly allowing new cells formation.  This treatment will purify your skin and turn it to become soft and smooth.

Facial Moisturizing Cream

A hydrated skin needs continuous moisturizing, and this is one of the gifts that women deserve to get, this cream contains concentration of vital dead sea minerals, special oils which add a comfortable balancing feeling and youthful look to your skin

Deep Cleansing Gel (with Vitamin E)

A gentle face, hands and body cleanser used on daily basis to remove all impurities and oil, leave your skin moisturized and soft.

Sun Screen (with Vitamin E and Dead Sea Minerals)

Recover your skin’s pureness with sun block cream SPF45, which provides full protection from sun rays, its special ingredients that provide extra UVA protection against both UVA and UVB rays; it avoids sun burning and premature ageing. It also by moisturizing formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E prevents skin dryness and maintain a trustful water proof and SPF protection.

Hand cream:

This smooth cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals which nourishes and moisturizes the most dehydrated skin; it provides intensive and lasting comfort, leaving skin soft and emollient.

Foot cream

Foot Cream is ideal for the toughest(en sert) skin texture(doku) it helps relieving rough(pürüzlerin giderilmesi), dry patches between toes and heels. It contains wide range of active ingredients that work intensively on the sensitive soles of your feet. It’s also enriched with Dead Sea minerals, Aloe Vera that instantly penetrate into the cracked skin leaving it silky, smooth for hours.

Whiting Lotion for Body:

Skin in areas which have high melanin concentrations, like elbows, armpits, knees and bikini area. The combination of precious natural minerals from Dead Sea and licorice extract act in reducing these melanocytes in a gentle and effective way, gradually giving these areas a brighter appearance.

Body Scrub

Dead Sea Ladonna body scrub contains Eucalyptus Oil which works on removing dead cells and keep the skin respires, it works on renewing young cells blood bio regulator of sebum secretion.

Massage Oil

Dead Sea Ladonna massage oil contains minerals oil, sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil and other active ingredients that leave skin moisturized and soft.

Body Butter

Dead Sea Ladonna Body Butter is a blend of Dead Sea minerals, Shea which is extracted from seeds of Shea tree and Vitamin A. This cream is perfect for all your skin as it contains high concentration of Shea butter; it adds light moisturizing and is quickly absorbed to leave a nourishing touch and a perfumed smell.

Shampoo with Mud Conditioner (Oily, Dry, Normal)

Ladonna shampoo with mud conditioner has an intensive care for oily hair, this mineral shampoo is formulated with patented double care complex and high concentration of mud conditions and Dead Sea minerals which gently cleans and enlivens hair scalp and roots, and gives a natural and bright results.

Black Mud Soap

This luxury soap contains a unique combination of treated Dead Sea Mud, and essential elements including Olive Stone Granules, Essential Oils of Orange, Patchouli and Pepper-mint with Vitamin soap removes impurities and cleanses your skin keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Ideal for all skin types. Apply daily to face and / or body.

Scrubbing Soap

An exceptional and gentle formula, this luxury soap contains an exfoliating grain that lifts off dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow. Enrich your skin with essential oils of grape fruit, Orange and lime with Vitamin A and E to reduce U-V induced wrinkle formation and moisturizes the skin. Ideal for all skin types. Apply daily to face and / or body.

Mineral Soap

A gentle clean rinsing formula combines Dead Sea Salts, Essential oils of Lemon and Lavender with Vitamin A and E to balance, refresh and soften all skin types while leaving skin with no residue. Apply daily to face and / or body.

Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil soap Ladonna is combination of Dead Sea natural elements, and amazing natural elements such as olive oil, glycerin. Its gives you a new feeling of cleansing and purity, and it restore skin ph balance.

Natural Dead Sea Crystals

Enjoy this unique bathing experience bringing the famous therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea directly to your own personal bath tub.

For thousands of years, the unique combination of minerals and salts found only in the Dead Sea have been known for treatment and nourishment for the body providing help for many common muscular aches and pains while moisturizing and conditioning for a radiant silky-smooth skin. Relax and benefits from soaking in this very special product. Your skin will thank you for it!

Herbal Bath Salts

Move spa at home by using these herbal bath salts to relaxed and detox your body, this product is enriched with herbs, pure essential oils, dried flowers, spices and sea salts to provide stimulation of the immune, lymphatic and nervous systems and get a healthy and rejuvenated  glow.

Why is it important to Detox?

The body needs a cleansing each season to remove unwanted toxins and heavy metals. A good cleanse consists of taking a herbal supplement for at least 2 weeks, then taking a very hot steamy bath which will help get rid of the toxins, it also stimulates the lymphatic system and improve overall immune system.

Body Mud

From the depths of the spot on earth with the highest concentration of natural health-enhancing minerals, LADONNA, Choice brings you Dead Sea Black Mineral Body Mud.

The special natural ingredients cleanse and disinfect the skin, while refreshing and revitalizing it and maintaining the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Body Mud from the Dead Sea is known to cure skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin.

Facial Mud Mask

An extraordinary Facial Mud Mask, specially refined for facial skin, Sourced from the legendary Dead Sea world renowned Health Spa. Absorbs excess oils, removes impurities, sloughs off dead cells and enhance natural skin regeneration.

Combined with essential oils of geranium and neroli to balance, promotes healing and invigorate stressed out skin.

Available with:
– Carrot & Cucumber extract
– Wheat Germ Oil extract
– Milk & Honey extract
– Marine Collagen extract
– Kiwi & Avocado extract
– Citrus extract
– Chamomile extract
– Aloe Vera extract