PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1 to Gen 3 Architecture


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In this PCI Express (PCIe) Architecture online training course, you will learn about the key features of the PCI-SIG‘s specifications from PCI foundations all the way to, and including, the latest version 3.0 changes/enhancements. You will learn about Legacy and native PCI Express devices and how the new features of PCIe can be supported whilst still providing compatibility with legacy PCI devices and software.

We will discuss the details of the PCI Express protocol stack for Express devices, including the three protocol layer functions and formats and their configuration requirements. You will learn about the latest protocol enhancements that are required to support the new Gen3 speed of 8GT/s. These include the 128/130b encoding schemes, block formats and new equalization procedures.

We will also overview the new features added to the PCIe specification – such as Multicast, Access Control Services, Alternative Routing ID Interpretation, Advanced Error Reporting, Address Translation Services, Optimized Buffer Flush/Fill, Latency Tolerance Reporting, M-PCIe and Readiness Notifications. We will also discuss Signal Integrity and the challenges that the new speeds of PCIe bring to board layout, as well as I/O virtualization and multi host resource sharing.

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