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Lean Six Sigma Benefits

By November 13, 2021No Comments

Lean Six Sigma for services is a business improvement methodology that maximizes stakeholders’ value by achieving the fastest rate of improvement in customer satisfaction, cost, quality, process speed, and invested capital.

The fusion of Lean and Six Sigma improvement methods is required because:

  • Lean itself cannot bring a process under statistical control.
  • Six Sigma alone cannot dramatically improve process speed or reduce invested capital.
  • Both enable the reduction of the cost of complexity.
  • Everyone everywhere benefits. Regardless of industry, size, sector, or country of origin, all organizations and individuals can benefit from Lean Six Sigma. Although manufacturers pioneered the original Continuous Improvement methods, the application to the transactional world evolved decades ago.
  • Customers benefit. Not only do problem-solvers benefit, but the customers of each industry and function also benefit too. Customers win because solving process problems results in fewer defects, shorter Lead Times, and better experiences.
  • Increasing capacity. Streamlining processes to their essential steps reduces the workload per unit which means processes provide more goods and services to more customers
  • Producing products and services faster. Streamlining processes increases the speed of process flow while maintaining and augmenting quality.
  • Removing “Waste” from processes. Getting rid of activities that aren’t required to manufacture products or provide services makes it cheaper to meet customer expectations.
  • Solving problems proactively. Relying less on costly inspect-and-rework cycles and switching to defect “prevention” by resolving product and service issues at the root.
  • Making things scalable. Creating standard processes that are easy to learn, operate and enhance means your business grows faster.
  • Reallocating valuable resources. Reclaiming resources and revenue from newly streamlined processes means more available resources to grow your business.



The Benefits of Using Lean Six Sigma

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