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ITIL 4 High Velocity IT

itil 4 high velocity it

What does ITIL 4 High Velocity IT include exactly?

The pace of digital business is famously rapid, and as a result, the ITIL 4 High Velocity IT has been built to provide ITSM managers—and aspiring managers—with the tools necessary to effectively offer digital services at a high rate of speed.

The applicants’ understanding of ITIL 4 High Velocity IT settings and how to successfully raise both the speed of services and their quality will be developed regardless of whether they will be working in digital services or in projects involving digital transformation.

The objectives of this specialist are as follows:

  • By using best practices, you can provide cost-effective services.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with communications and service delivery.
  • Meet or exceed customer expectations for availability, security, performance, capacity, etc.
  • Continuously improve service delivery.
  • Optimise technology and resources.
  • Facilitate knowledge management within the organization.

What will I learn from ITIL 4 HVIT?

Those who are engaged in the delivery of IT services or initiatives involving digital transformation would benefit from ITIL4 HVIT since it enables them to co-create products and services more quickly without sacrificing value. It teaches students how to bridge the gap between operations and development; how to converge business objectives with IT; and how to embed complex and adaptive systems using best practices.

Because it is essential for ITSM positions to make digital and IT investments that deliver value, ITIL 4 High Velocity IT training examines how to increase performance using Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies. For people who operate in situations that are heavily automated, HVIT provides a better understanding of technical procedures and technologies such as automated testing, the Cloud, and automation in general.

The applicant receives, as the name of the qualification would imply, a more in-depth grasp of digital business and the dynamic nature of it. It builds an understanding of successful delivery at speed, the manner in which digital organizations operate, and working methods for providing goods and services to gain the greatest value possible.

Is the ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT Certification right for me?

ITIL 4 High Velocity IT (HVIT) is particularly suited to those in management or practice in the field of information technology, as well as those who possess an ITIL accreditation and seek to expand their expertise.

Getting to the Next Level with ITIL 4 and High-Velocity IT

The ITIL 4 High Velocity IT certificate is not only a terrific next step from the ITIL 4 Foundation certification, but it is also one of the pre-requisites for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional title, which will make professionals who are interested in continuous advancement happy to learn this information. Those who are starting out on a path of lifelong education will find that taking the High Velocity IT is an excellent method to make progress.

Key Points of ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT

  • Learn about new service delivery models such as Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) and Release Lifecycle Model (RLM).
  • Improve customer collaboration through feedback loops.
  • Utilize agile methods for better project management.
  • Achieving operational excellence through continuous delivery and high-velocity transformation
  • Understand what it takes to implement these changes within your organization successfully.
  • How can you take advantage of automation such as virtualization, cloud computing, and software-defined networks?

The ITIL 4 High Velocity IT course will teach you how to:

  • Efficiently manage the life cycle of tasks, projects, and services.
  • Improve communication within teams and with customers.
  • Work faster while still delivering high-quality output.

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