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Internet Marketing and Adverting that pays

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Internet Marketing and Adverting that pays

Affiliate program blogging is to generate passive income by having ads for other peoples’ products or services on the blog.

For people to want to advertise on your blog:

  • You will have to generate sufficient traffic to give the advertiser a satisfactory return on his investment.
  • blogging on a subject about which you are knowledgeable to begin with, and which you want to keep learning about.
  • Getting traffic to the blog.

First of all, blog about something that interests you and for which there is an audience large enough to generate advertisers willing to accept you into an affiliate program. While your main blog focus may not have to be an absolute passion for you. You should at least have an ongoing interest in the topic.

That way, your blogging should be satisfying in and for itself. You will be able to maintain interest in keeping it up.

After all, a well kept up blog will require at least two to three postings a week, and to do that you will have to be knowledgeable about your topic to begin with, and interested enough in it to keep learning about it, so that you can pass this knowledge on to your readers.

However, one danger of a blog is that you are not only the writer of your main blog posts, but also the editor and publisher of the blog. This denies you one advantage of “being published” by a newspaper or magazine, which is that acceptance of your writing by an outside editor gives you some assurance that what you have submitted for publication is “good,” at least in the eyes of that editor.

A blog, however, does not give you that assurance, since you are not only the writer of the blog, but the editor and the publisher.

  • This makes it important to realize that, if you are going to get an audience-or traffic-to your blog.
  • You must be honest enough in evaluating your work.
  • Posts that don’t interest readers will result in few return visits to your blog
  • It will be hard or impossible to build a steady stream of traffic that will attract advertisers.
  • If you don’t get the traffic, affiliate programs may drop you.

The second part is to make certain you have a sufficient pool of potential visitors, and to do that you will need to do some research.

One way to discover the amount of interest in your topic is to do keyword research, either with a free tool like Google keywords or some of the paid services.

But even the paid services will give you a certain number of free days to use the service.

Another way is to just check out a few local magazine racks. Is your topic represented among the magazines displayed. If so, there’s surely an audience for your blog topic. If not, not so much.

On the other hand, remember, in a blog your audience is potentially as large as the planet itself. The web, after all, is a world wide web. This means that even if your blog subject is highly specialized. there may still be enough potential visitors to your blog to make advertising on it worthwhile. Your task will be to find the visitors and attract them to your blog.

To make your site interactive and interesting you have to:

  • Write articles that deal with your specialized subject.
  • Submit them to article directories will make your site known and attract traffic.

And, if you would rather spend money than time, there are also the paid advertising methods.

The satisfaction we can get from a blog is that it allows us to share our interests with others without worrying about the difficulties and uncertainties of getting published in traditional media. An additional benefit is that we can also use our blog to generate passive income-either supplemental or full-time.


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