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Elementor Cloud Website Review

Elementor Cloud Website Innovation WordPress hosting

Elementor has officially launched its website hosting solution, Elementor Cloud Website, available to all customers. So now you may acquire everything you need in one convenient location.


Several new features have already been added to Elementor, including theme creation, dynamic content, a popup builder, etc. These capabilities allow you to handle almost every aspect of your website’s front-end appearance from a single tool — Elementor Pro. That’s one of the main reasons we enjoy Elementor Pro and use it to manage the design of WPLift.

Until today, Elementor was unable to assist you with your website’s backend infrastructure and maintenance. Though not as exciting as it may seem, website speed and reliability are more crucial than how your site appears on the front end since a sluggish or unreliable website will not get you anywhere quickly.

This is no longer the case, thanks to the Elementor Cloud Website. The Elementor service will allow you to get support with both the backend infrastructure and the frontend display from a single point of contact. As a result, you will be able to devote your full attention to creating unique websites for yourself and your customers.

The service has been in beta for quite some time and is accessible exclusively via invitation. For those interested, the Elementor Cloud Website has been made accessible as of the time of this writing.

Throughout this piece, we’ll look at what the Elementor Cloud Website has to offer, what you can anticipate, and how it may be helpful to your business.

What Is the Elementor Cloud Website, and How Does It Work?

Your website may be created, managed, and hosted using the Elementor Cloud Website, which is a part of Elementor. It is a complete solution for web designers and developers who wish to concentrate on developing and designing their websites. To save you time and effort, the service takes care of website hosting and other technical elements of website creation.

Similar to managed WordPress hosting, it is designed exclusively for Elementor websites built on the complete WordPress software that we are all familiar with and like. The only difference between it and self-hosted WordPress is that Elementor takes care of all of the setup and maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on producing instead.

In addition to that, it comes pre-installed with Elementor and Elementor Pro, allowing you to get started developing your site straight away.

Elementor Cloud WebsiteWhen you purchase an Elementor Cloud website, you get the following features:

The back-end infrastructure and the front-end design tools are made available to you when you sign up for an Elementor Cloud Web site.

If you choose Elementor Cloud Website, you will get 20GB of storage space for your content and assets, 100GB of bandwidth, and 100,000 unique visitors every month.

The Elementor Cloud Website’s statistics are more than sufficient for the target audience for the website, even if they do not work for big websites with significant visitor volumes. Small enterprises, tiny eCommerce stores, creatives, personal blogs, and similar entities fall within this category.

The features of the Elementor Cloud Website are divided into three categories: hosting, content management system, and design tools.

Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Google Cloud

Elementor is built on the Google Cloud Platform and uses the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network to deliver content. Google Cloud is speedy, extremely secure, and highly scalable, making it the preferred cloud computing platform for some of the world’s largest corporations and millions of clients. Using the same comprehensive security technologies that Google employs, your website will be safeguarded from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse. In addition, Cloudflare’s built-in unmetered DDoS protection provides an additional layer of defense against DDoS assaults and brute force breaches on your website.

You may use your unique domain name, and you’ll have access to pre-installed free SSL certificates. In addition, Elementor will back up your site once every 24 hours, and you’ll have access to premium customer care.

There’s also a valuable function for those who create client websites (which account for many Elementor users): while you’re working on a site, you can make it private and protect it with an access code. Using this method is useful when working on a client site and wanting to allow your client access while yet keeping the site secret from anonymous visitors to your site.

CMS Tools (Content Management System)

Websites created with Elementor Cloud have WordPress pre-installed and built-in Elementor Pro editing capabilities. You’ll also get access to the Hello Elementor theme, which is lightweight, accessible, and highly customizable.

Tools for the Design Process

The Elementor Cloud Website provides you with access to all of the features of the Elementor Pro program when you sign up for it. This contains more than a hundred widgets, more than three hundred templates, website kits, and other valuable tools and resources.

Beyond that, you’ll still be able to use your own WordPress plugins, albeit there will be some limitations on what you can do.

Is it possible to use other plugins with the Elementor Cloud website builder?

Yes! Unlike some other cloud-based options, Elementor Cloud Website is still essentially a fully functional WordPress installation on your computer. That means you’ll be able to use Elementor and Elementor Pro in conjunction with other WordPress plugins you create on your own. You may, for example, install Yoast SEO, Toolset, LearnDash, and a variety of other applications.

However, some limits apply just as they do with other managed WordPress hosting providers.

The first restriction is that you cannot utilize a competitive page builder plugin like Beaver Builder, Oxygen Builder, or Divi. Using Elementor Cloud Website, you’re probably already familiar with Elementor.

Some performance plugins are not available for installation, which we believe is because the Elementor Cloud Website is already executing these popular optimization approaches on your behalf.

You’ll also see that specific migration plugin aren’t supported, which is understandable. In contrast, the Elementor page builder includes import and export features that simplify transferring your website in a few simple clicks.

Overall, though, you should be able to utilize almost any plugin that you need without difficulty.

Other frequently asked questions about the Elementor Cloud website:

Let’s take a brief look at some of the other questions you may have regarding the Elementor Cloud website…

Elementor Cloud Website includes Elementor Pro, or does it just contain Elementor Cloud Website?

Yes! The Elementor Pro plugin is included in your yearly membership to the Elementor Cloud Website.

Is it possible to use my domain name with the Elementor Cloud Website?

Yes! You may link your custom domain to your Elementor Cloud Website even though Elementor does not yet provide domain registration services itself. Following the steps in this article, you’ll have no trouble creating a custom domain for your website.

Elementor Cloud WebsiteIs it possible to host numerous websites on the Elementor Cloud Website?

Each Elementor Cloud Website subscription entitles you to create a single website. There are no restrictions on how many subscriptions you may add to your account.

Is Elementor capable of backing up my website?

Yes! Every day, Elementor will automatically back up your website for you.

Is it possible to relocate my site away from the Elementor Cloud Website if I wish to use a different hosting provider?

Yes! If you decide that Elementor Cloud Website is not the right fit, you may move your website to any other hosting provider. Remember, it’s still WordPress, so you have the option of switching to your self-hosted installation if you so like.

Is it possible to convert my current website into an Elementor Cloud website?

The migration of an existing website to Elementor Cloud Website is not yet possible. Therefore, it is only applicable to sites you have built from the ground up on the platform.

As we explained in our previous response, it is also possible to transfer your site away from Elementor Cloud Website and onto another WordPress server.

Is there any help available on the Elementor Cloud website?

Yes. There is a premium support staff accessible on the Elementor Cloud Website, and they will respond to you within a day on average. You’ll also access live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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