Business Relationship Management Professional Foundation (BRM)

Business Relationship Management training and certification program is intended as a comprehensive foundation for Business Relationship Managers at every experience level, with the training and certification designed to provide a solid baseline level of knowledge

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The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) Foundation certification course was created by the Business Relationship Management Institute to help you maximize business management capabilities in your organization.

The Business Relationship Management Foundation course will start you firmly on your BRM career and help you prepare for the Foundation BRMP® exam by giving you the knowledge and understanding necessary for success.  The course delves into the 4 core BRM disciplines (demand shaping, exploring, servicing, and value harvesting) which provide a link between a provider and one or more business units.

Holding this certificate allows you to understand the BRM role and create awareness of it in their organization and be able to look at current relationships in their business and identify where improvements can be made.  This training package includes the online course + the BRM Professional exam delivered by APMG.

Key Course Features:

  • Get BRM Foundation qualified at your own pace
  • Exam included with your course fee
  • You choose 30 or 60 days online course access
  • The course is fully accredited by APMG
  • Includes videos, quizzes, exercises, study guides, the official syllabus, and sample exams
  • Exam Prep
  • Tutor support included
  • 24/7 Help Desk support included
  • Free 30-minute training + Virtual Mentor session included with your purchase

The course and exam package comes with 8 easy to absorb lessons covering terminology, principles, themes, and exam preparation.  It is expected that you will need to spend 18 hours taking the course and studying the information in order to successfully pass the exam.  In addition to the video tutorials, you will receive study guides and quizzes to reinforce your knowledge and prepare you to take the exam.

The BRM Foundation Course Delivery

After you purchase the BRM course you will receive course access instructions within 4 hours.  You have 28 days to activate your course following your purchase of the course and once activated your course will be available for the number of days purchased.  If you need help accessing your course contact,

 BRM Provider

The BRMP courses on this page are offered by IT Training Zone Ltd. an ATO of The APM Group Ltd.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Exhibit that you have the understanding and knowledge to create awareness of the BRM role within the business and the service provider
  • Assess the relationship between the business and the provider
  • Analyze the maturity of business demand and provider supply


This course does not require any existing knowledge of BRM.  Suitable for: anyone working in or looking to work in a business relationship environment including business owners, project managers, buyers, sales teams and customer service advisors, and others involved in business processes.

For more information please contact our team.

Module 1: An Overview of BRM

Module 2: Strategic Partnering

Module 3: Business IQ

Module 4: Portfolio Management

Module 5: Business Transition Management

Module 6: Provider Domain Knowledge

Module 7: Powerful Communication

Module 8: Exam Preparation

When you take and pass your exam you will hold the Business Relationship Management Professional Certificate.  The certification is aimed at anyone working or looking to work in a business relationship environment and it is also a valuable certification or business owners, project managers and others involved in business processes.

The exam requires you to demonstrate 3 things:

  1. That you understand the characteristics of the role of BRM in an organization.
  2. That you understand how to perform as a strategic partner and contribute to business strategy and shape demand for the provider services.
  3. That you understand how Portfolio Management disciplines and techniques are used to maximize business value.

Here are the Business Relationships Management Professional Foundation Exam Details:

  • Exam Duration:  40 Minutes
  • Exam Format:  Closed Book/Multiple Choice
  • Exam Delivery:  Online, Webcam Proctored
  • Exam Pass Mark:  25/50 questions or 50%
  • Exam Language:  Extra time is available for non-native English speakers

The exam can be taken online with a web proctor (With APMG).  Completion of an accredited course is a mandatory pre-requisite to sit for the exam.

30 Day Course Access + Exam

Course Delivery: The Course is taken online
Exam Delivery: The Exam is delivered online
Length of Access: 30 days
Features: 24/7 Access, Real Instructors, Classroom Materials and Exercise Guides.

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60 Day Course + Exam

Course Delivery: The Course is taken onlineExam Delivery: The Exam is delivered onlineLength of Access: 60 daysFeatures: 24/7 Access, Real Instructors, Classroom Materials and Exercise Guides.

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