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As it should be, we bear the entire risk. You have absolutely nothing to lose.
The Innovation helps companies improve their employees’ performance, not only by helping them understand ITIL and get certified, but also by guiding them on how to implement ITIL best practices in their day-to-day work.



The Sky's The Limit

Building A Powerful IT Department

We help new ITIL 4 certified employees to find their way and start the real implementation that results in being able to add value to the business, increase performance and see the results from business point of view.

Empower Your Team's Success with ITIL 4 Foundation Online Training: Risk-Free and Innovative Approach

Unlock your team’s potential with our ITIL 4 Foundation online training course. We understand the importance of investing in your employees’ development, which is why we bear the entire risk – guaranteeing you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

Our course not only helps your team understand the ITIL framework and earn their certification, but also equips them with the knowledge and skills to implement ITIL best practices in their daily work, resulting in improved performance and increased efficiency. 

With our innovative approach, we empower your team to drive success within your organization. Enroll now and experience the benefits for yourself.


Coaching Services IT Service Management

We help you implement ITSM in your workplace

Most of the companies have issues with IT performance; we can solve all IT issues and align it with the Business strategy.

Gain the experience of more than 20 Years in a couple of Weeks

We help frustrated business owners to develop an IT Department in the best way, which support their business and increase their performance.

Overcome your fear and start the ITIL implementation

Have you been ever in the middle of an ITIL implementation and you did not know what to do, how and where to start?

Book your first one-to-one free virtual coaching hour today

As it should be, we bear the entire risk. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

What Is Included In “The Innovation” Coaching And Mentoring Program?

After a short “Discovery” activity, each participant will be given tasks to do before the next time the consultant is scheduled to come. As part of the service, The Innovation consultant will give you supporting templates and paperwork if you need them.

The Coaching and Mentoring service cycle include:

  • Provide guidance on Best Practice for processes.
  • As needed, give the participant treatment.
  • Help with Quality Assurance as needed.
  • Conclusion and action plan

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Over the years, many companies and institutions have learned to trust our consultants and trainers.

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